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Better Nerf Irelia

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a-wild-dragonite asked: I do believe the League requires more classy skins. Like Gragas Esq. and Gentleman Cho'Gath. Is there a chance we will be seeing more skins like those?

I’m sure the skin designers have many different ideas for skins like the ones you mentioned, but I haven’t heard anything specific about them.

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theoneandonlymrscrowley asked: Why aren't there any more Evelynn skins? You'd think they'd put at least one new one out with the remake!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have one prepared for the Evelynn remake. Hopefully the remake alone was enough to get Evelynn back into some competitive play.

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askcavatina asked: *strums her ukelele* "Oh dearest Morello, you are such a nice young fellow. Will we ever see a true bard in League? Sona plays her instrument but quite unfortunately, She cannot speak though I'd love to hear her song. I don't want to fight anyone but if you would let me know, This humble yordle bard would love to play along. Let me know of one who has song to sing and play, for I'm very sure we would have much to say." *she blushes before bowing deeply and looks up with a smile*

Haha, very clever. Although we have been playing around with the idea of another musical champion, we felt that many of the designs felt too similar to Sona or other existing champions.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll come up with something at a later time.

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Anonymous asked: Dear mr. Morello. Where is the Bruce Swain skin?

I don’t believe I know what you’re talking about.

Besides, Batman is copyrighted.

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exile-vilify asked: Like Graves and Nocturne, Zilean and Volibear, the ninjas etc. Seeing as Maokai and Zyra are both plant themed, Sorry I should have been a bit more succinct!

Oh, I see. We didn’t have anything in particular in mind. Since Maokai is from the Twisted Treeline and Zyra is from the Plague Jungles, so they don’t share much in common other than being plantlike.

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Anonymous asked: Hey there, comrade. The question is: If i will make a high quality champion model, full animation list, vioce, and abilities description, and then ABRAKADABRA and you will say "Oh lawl, nice idea, i like it", so if there is a chance what you with ye'r comrades will make that champion?

Well, many people do just this, and they post it on our forums for us to check out. So try your luck there, and if the rest of the team and I find your design impressive enough, we may very well contact you!

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lurkingxshadow asked: So Morello, are there any possible new Void themed Champions on the way in the near future?

Void champions, hm? Well, there’s not much I can disclose, but I won’t deny the possibility of having a Void champion coming sometime soon.

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leagueoflegendslife-deactivated asked: Monsieur Morello, are there any changes regarding Mordekaiser model or animations in the upcoming patch? It has been requested over and over to increase Morde's size to better suit his lord. Also, I hope to see some more Irelia nerfs. She is currently 2 stronk as a support.

Hmm, not much in the way of Mordekaiser planned any time soon, sorry.

OP support, you say? Better get right on that.

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